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16 Jan 2019

PPC Marketing Keys To Success!

Here are 6 keys to a successful PPC campaign.

1. Define a clear goal: What exactly are you looking to accomplish? Without your ultimate goal in mind, there’s no way of knowing where to start. Do you want sales? Downloads? More views? Whatever it is, you want some reaction- what is it?

2. Budget Busters: You have to give yourself an allowance that you won’t go over. For every aspect of your company, you most likely have a budget and your marketing efforts should be no different. Ask yourself how much each new client generated by your PPC campaign will bring you (roughly) and use that as a vehicle to make a realistic budget.

3. Content Overload: We get it, your ad is small so you want it to make a big splash. While that’s understandable, it’s imperative that you send a very clear message to your market. What are you selling? What’s your offer? Keywords are way more important than a clever joke here.

4. Keywords must be strong: You’re selling your brand- what keywords are going to help you do that? Your ads should be chock-full of keywords, and sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re being too broad or too slim. Use ads with differing keywords in order to get real evidence as to what keywords are making an impact.

5. Landing Page: Don’t misuse your customer’s trust! If your ad is telling them that when they click here, they’ll go precisely “here”- take them “here”. It’s a fast-paced world and no one wants to search through a bunch of unnecessary pages or ads to find what you’ve promised them. Don’t take the chance of losing that customer.

6. Reporting: Look at your results! A huge bonus with PPC is that you can see what exactly is happening with your ads. Which are working and which are ignored? You can streamline quickly in order to get better results, too. Rely on your analytics and get leads faster.

Digital Marketing Is Important And Here’s Why

It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. This is especially important for small businesses as they don’t have many resources or a lot of capital. New media can provide you with a cheaper and more effective advertising channel. Using digital content either sponsored or free allows you to connect with consumers much more effectively than billboards, direct mail or PR campaigns. The strength of your online presence now directly linked to the success of your business. Technology has evolved so much that mobile gadgets are no longer considered mere alternatives to personal computers or laptops. 91% of adults in the US alone always have their mobile devices within reaching distance and regularly use them to browse the internet. The largest group of consumers is using their mobile devices daily, so it’s essential that you use a marketing solution that targets these devices properly.

By increasing your digital outreach, you can increase your revenue. The more data that you can extract from your outreach campaigns, the better your predictions and subsequently ROI will be.

Using analytics services like Google analytics, you will be able to monitor all your customer’s actions, preferences and get a better insight into their behaviour. Analytics allow you to build the persona of your customer so that you can offer them the perfect experience. If you have an online business and you are marketing products and services online, you can easily measure your success by incoming traffic that gets converted into subscribers, leads or sales and this way you can calculate and improve your conversion rates.

If you want your company to grow, you can acquire new clients using various social media channels. Make sure always to target your customers based on their interests, ages and country. This way, you will be able to better interact with them and encourage engagement through digital media. Some people underestimate the importance of social media as part of their digital marketing campaign. The more “Facebook likes” or “tweets” you get, the more your company can grow and build trust and credibility with your customers. It can also bring traffic to your website if you use these channels to inform your followers about discounts, new products, blog posts and company news, etc.

Most business have already given up traditional advertising methods and focus instead on Google Adwords, SEO or Social Media. With so many competitors out there it is very difficult to market your small business and get ahead of the pack. But, you can use Google Alerts to get a better idea of where your competitors stand. You can monitor their marketing strategies or products so you can learn things that could improve your own business.

Digital marketing grows from social proof, social media signals and real testimonials from clients who have previously used, joined, purchased or availed of a service or product marketed by your business. Most clients would trust a service or a product when people they know give positive feedback or information about a particular brand. So good recommendation by an individual with a strong following on Facebook or Twitter could make or break your business.

It is crucial to understand the importance of implementing digital marketing in your business strategy. The use of new media in the 21st century is not just a wise investment decision – it’s essential; it’s one of the most efficient marketing channels with many benefits that can help grow and expand your business.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

There are over 100 billion searches conducted around the globe every month, but none of them will direct customers to your business if you don’t have a good marketing firm working with you.

However, it’s important that you don’t just hire the first marketing firm you come across. To avoid a potentially disastrous internet marketing strategy, here are a few commonly made mistakes to steer clear of.

Not Verifying Prior Work

As a business owner, it’s understandable that you’re running on a tight schedule and may not always have time to look at the fine details of everything that goes on behind the scenes. Despite that, you should always take the time to look at an online marketing company’s prior clients and success. Ask for references and talk to existing clients to gauge how their experience with the marketing agency has been.

Not Checking the Proposal for Deliverables

Before you sign any agreements or make any payments, you should ensure that every deliverable is listed in the marketing firm’s proposal. The proposal should tell you exactly what you’re getting; if you believe you’re going to receive monthly blog posts, for example, and you don’t, then you’re going to have some issues.

Not Properly Interviewing

Just like hiring an employee, hiring another company requires research and interviewing. If you don’t take the time to properly interview potential candidates, then there’s no way of knowing how well they’re going to mesh with your own business.

Not Communicating Clearly

There are no solid relationships without proper communication. If you don’t make it a point to exercise good communication in the beginning stages of your online marketing or web design campaign, then you’re setting yourself up for failure in the form of unanswered emails, missed deadlines, and strategies that simply won’t work.

Not Getting Transparency

This goes hand-in-hand with communication. Both issues center around trust. Without transparency from a marketing firm, you really can’t believe the promises that they make, and you may be getting less than you bargained — or paid — for. If you establish transparency, then you’ll be able to see the big picture, from start to finish.

Before you hire any company to do online marketing or web development work for you, make sure to do your research. If you avoid these five mistakes, you should be in for a great marketing campaign.

4 reasons businesses are flocking to Facebook for video

This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.

There are more than one billion video views on Facebook every day. In the next five years, “most of [the social network] will be video,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a town hall meeting last November.

The numbers seem to back up Zuckerberg’s prediction.

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The amount of video posted from people and brands to Facebook’s News Feed increased 260% year-over-year, Facebook recently reported.

Odds are that you don’t need stats to prove video is exploding on Facebook, however. Just scroll through your own News Feed. Video is everywhere.

With the proliferation of video on Facebook, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to incorporate it into their marketing strategies. Here are four reasons why businesses are turning to Facebook for video distribution.

1. Consumers have turned to Facebook for video
Facebook Media reported that more than half of all daily Facebook visitors in the U.S. watch at least one video a day. In fact, the number of video posts per person increased 94% in the U.S. over the past year. Further, 76% of American Facebook users say they use the social network to discover videos.

Consumers want video, and Facebook has become the platform of choice for watching and, more importantly, sharing.

Brands are now posting to Facebook directly, rather than sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. According to Socialbakers, brands posted more videos to Facebook than they did on YouTube last December.

2. Video production and distribution is getting less expensive
It’s now easier than ever to create professional quality video on the cheap, using a smartphone and easy DIY video tools. Product videos, customer testimonials and behind-the-scenes clips all make for easy-to-create, shareable content.

User-generated content is even less work and can be just as successful, like this fun video from a customer that Blue Apron shared on their Facebook page.

Businesses don’t need gigantic advertising budgets to get videos in front of the right audience either. Facebook makes it easy for businesses to target nearby and relevant customers Facebook makes it easy for businesses to target nearby and relevant customers (so you aren’t paying to promote your videos to people that wouldn’t use your product) and track viewership as a tool for increased ROI.

Retailers also can track conversions to see how well videos are working. Facebook gives businesses the ability to retarget users if they watch videos and don’t buy right after.

3. Facebook video gets more attention
You may be asking yourself: “Why video specifically? Can’t posting photos, links or text be just as effective?”

In a recent report, Socialbakers found “native Facebook videos get more reach than any other type of post.” In fact, when you post a video instead of a photo, you’ll see an average boost in reach of 135%.

This is, in part, due to the fact that Facebook’s algorithm is partial to video, but also because video stands out in the News Feed. The fact that Facebook videos auto-play on mobile is a big reason why two-thirds of Facebook’s video views are on mobile devices. Additionally, videos will stand out even more than text or images because they ensure that the first several auto-play seconds are engaging and eye-catching.

4. Facebook is investing heavily in video
With the growth of video views on Facebook, the platform is taking strides to make it easier for consumers and businesses alike to share and discover video content. It also recently launched a number of tools and features that help businesses get the word out with video.

In December of last year, Facebook updated the Videos tab on Pages to include a spot for a Featured Video. It also introduced Playlists, making it easier for businesses to create collections of evergreen video content.

Additionally, last month Facebook launched an embeddable video player, which means you (and your fans) can now embed Facebook videos in articles and websites across the web.

Facebook has only just begun its foray into the world of online video, and businesses that are early adopters will benefit. Facebook has been working hard to make sure their video marketing campaigns are successful.

Start experimenting with video on Facebook and see what it can do for your business.

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Combining Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

When you speak with people who focus on marketing their website, you may notice that they consider pay per click advertising and search engine optimization as two separate strategies. While it’s possible to utilize both of these strategies separately, it’s better to let these two types of online marketing work together to help build your business. If you have a business website but don’t understand how to use other online marketing techniques to build your client base, let a company that specialize in web design in Rhode Island create a marketing campaign for you. Below are some benefits of using PPC and SEO as partner marketing strategies.

Establish an Online Presence

It seems like every website is after the same goal: appear on the top of the search engine results page. One way to do this is to use PPC and SEO to establish an online presence. You can use paid advertising and organic search terms combined to help your company website appear at the top of the search results page. Much of what appears at the top of Google is paid advertising, but web designers integrate organic search terms into the meta tags and titles to help users find a particular brand better.

Analyze the Keywords Your Customers Use

When you use a web design company in Rhode Island, you can have analytical data graphed to show you how successful certain keywords are with your customers. If you notice that most customers find your used book website by typing in the keywords, used, books, cheap, online, then you can begin centering your PPC and SEO strategies around those keywords. You can also check if customers are looking for the type of service or product you offer in your specific geographical location. Then you can begin marketing to local customers with a geo-centered ad campaign.

Use All Available Mediums

By combining both SEO and PPC, you can utilize different marketing mediums to build a customer base. There are a lot of people that think you need to choose one side or the other when it comes to search engine marketing, but a good web design company in Rhode Island can show you how using both strategies greatly impacts your business with positive results.

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