Combining Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

09 Jun 2014

When you speak with people who focus on marketing their website, you may notice that they consider pay per click advertising and search engine optimization as two separate strategies. While it’s possible to utilize both of these strategies separately, it’s better to let these two types of online marketing work together to help build your business. If you have a business website but don’t understand how to use other online marketing techniques to build your client base, let a company that specialize in web design in Rhode Island create a marketing campaign for you. Below are some benefits of using PPC and SEO as partner marketing strategies.

Establish an Online Presence

It seems like every website is after the same goal: appear on the top of the search engine results page. One way to do this is to use PPC and SEO to establish an online presence. You can use paid advertising and organic search terms combined to help your company website appear at the top of the search results page. Much of what appears at the top of Google is paid advertising, but web designers integrate organic search terms into the meta tags and titles to help users find a particular brand better.

Analyze the Keywords Your Customers Use

When you use a web design company in Rhode Island, you can have analytical data graphed to show you how successful certain keywords are with your customers. If you notice that most customers find your used book website by typing in the keywords, used, books, cheap, online, then you can begin centering your PPC and SEO strategies around those keywords. You can also check if customers are looking for the type of service or product you offer in your specific geographical location. Then you can begin marketing to local customers with a geo-centered ad campaign.

Use All Available Mediums

By combining both SEO and PPC, you can utilize different marketing mediums to build a customer base. There are a lot of people that think you need to choose one side or the other when it comes to search engine marketing, but a good web design company in Rhode Island can show you how using both strategies greatly impacts your business with positive results.

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